About this blog

AM1My name is Annemarie Latour. Dutchie, freelance writer, and addicted to dark chocolate-covered peanuts.

As crazy as it may sound, I believe that less is, well… not really more. That’s why this blog is for lovers of all things beautiful. Whether you like to read about culture, music, art, religion, or love to chuckle about any of my random thoughts, this is the place to be.

As this blog is a mishmash of both English and Dutch, you may want to check if what you’re looking for is available in your language. All posts regarding the King of Pop are in English and most other topics are in Dutch. I’d love to have everything available in both languages, but so far so good.

You may wonder how someone who writes about Irish culture and Celtic Christianity also decided to write about Michael Jackson. Well, let’s blame it on the boogie. And the fact that MJ lived in Ireland for a while also helps. But the simple truth is that I’ve been fascinated by both topics for a long time.

If you add a Master’s degree in English Language and Literature to a Master’s degree in Folklore, you will see why I love a good story. To my surprise, some of my stories even got published in Dutch newspapers such as NRC Handelsblad, NRC.next, Het Financieele Dagblad, Nederlands Dagblad, in journals, and on various websites. Sometimes, radio and television come knocking too.

On average, I write about four to five articles a month. I also spend a lot of time drinking Irish tea (Barry’s Gold Blend), reading an absurd variety of books, and making sure that my garden the size of a stamp doesn’t turn into a jungle. On top of that, I’m pulling my hair trying to finish a new book about spunky female saints in Ireland.

Still, I didn’t get lost in Neverland. You can get in touch with me anytime via the contact form. If you simply want to keep posted, just look to the right of this post where you can sign up by email or RSS-feed. You can also leave a comment at the end of my articles.

Talk to you soon. For a bit of magic, step this way.

Culture, music, art, religion, and all things beautiful.