Jackson-Chaplin article part of curriculum Fresno State University

Fresno State University in California, USA, has included my article ‘Tramping with Charlie: Michael Jackson’s Walk with Chaplin’ as part of the ‘Theatre Today’ course within the Theatre-Arts programme. The course offers perspectives on theatre, its origins, and contemporary forms. It further explores theatre as an artistic medium for enhancing our understanding of human experience.

Fresno State University blackboard

Focusing on Chaplin, among others, the Fresno course emphasizes the content, meaning, and entertainment value of drama in performance. It explores Robert Downey’s portrayal of Chaplin in the film Chaplin (1992) and also discusses the way in which Chaplin influenced the life and work of Michael Jackson.

The online curriculum of ‘Theatre Today Fall 2167’ can be accessed through Blackboard. Please note that the heading ‘Jackson and Chaplin’ links directly back to this blog.

© Annemarie Latour


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