Strangely comforting
These seven years.
Embers on a cold night,
A burning presence of love
Lost and found.

The soul
Adds no request
But to forgive
And be forgiven,
Seven times seven.

While we struggle
With our conscience,
Hope proves it’s
Seven times stronger
Than fear.

Dwarfs, days, seas,
Letters in a name,
Numbers on a coat:
Nothing to change
The course of life.

The archangel’s wings
Are yet folded,
Quivering, expecting,
Soon to reveal
A bright span of colours.

While we stare,
And dial emergency services
For a helpless messiah marked
Seven. One.

Year of birth,
End and beginning.
A seven-pointed star
Melting back into the universe
To be here again.

In memoriam MJ
25 June 2009 – 25 June 2016

© Annemarie Latour


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